Charly Musonda: Sharpen your skills on the street

Pick up a ball and embrace the urban playground - your game will reap the benefits, says Chelsea’s rising star, Charly Musonda

You don't need a high-tech Premier League training ground to perfect your skills, says Chelsea hopeful Charly Musonda - you just need a football and a stretch of pavement.  


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Sure, the Belgium under-21 international has reached football’s higher echelons and trains day-to-day at Cobham’s plush surroundings, but his trickery was honed on the streets. 


“I started playing street football at 5 years old and I learned a lot of skills playing against older players,” he tells FFT.


“I learning how to move my feet quickly - I love doing step-overs. Street football has really helped my game.”


Still not convinced? Watch the video and let Musonda wax lyrical about the benefits of taking your game to the urban pitch. 


Charly Musonda spoke at the Nike FootballX Winner Stays final in London

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