Finish with a flourish

Hit the back of the net with this drill from Coerver Coaching

Set up

Mark out a 30 x 40 yard area with two full size goals and goalkeepers at either end. Three players from each team line up either side of their goal, with a supply of balls.


The practice starts with the blue bib team attacking the oranges’ goal. The blues break out and the oranges engage them. Once a blue player has a shot at goal – whether he scores or not – he is out of the game, creating a three vs two situation with the orange team breaking. The drill ends after this phase. The sequence is then repeated. Progress this drill by limiting the number of touches for the attacking team, restricting where you can shoot from (no closer than 10 yards, only within five yards) or limiting players to shooting with their weaker foot.

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How it helps

It’s all about scoring goals. Not only will you improve your shooting technique and ability to make space for a shot, repeating this drill will help you stay calm when faced with a scoring opportunity during a game.

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