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The holding role: Make yourself available

The duties of the holding midfielder are not just confined to his own half.

When chasing a game especially, it is paramount that a deep-lying midfielder sets up in opposition territory - recycling the ball and picking out a pass, while being careful not to compromise his positioning in relation to his back four.

"You want to keep the other team under pressure as much as you can," says Manchester United's Michael Carrick.

"You don’t want the ball to stop and you don’t want them to have a release; you want to try and keep all the play in their half as much as you can. That’s a case of being in a position to receive the ball and being able to influence the play."

In this video the former West Ham & Tottenham midfielder highlights importance of stepping up when your team needs you.

Michael Carrick wears Puma football boots. For more details,

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