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Larsson: How to hit an unstoppable free kick

My attacking free kicks are always dreadful. Do you have any tips for making sure you hit the target?
Dave Moore via email

Sebastian Larsson says:

“Practice is crucial. I practise free-kicks for about half an hour after each training session. It’s not just about mastering technique; it gives you confidence.

You’ve practised it so many times you know you can take a good free-kick when it matters.

When it comes to the game and you have a free-kick in a dangerous position, you have a good feeling and that’s very important.

I visualise the ball going where I want it to go and I don’t hold back. Relax your body and strike through the ball.

I hit my free-kicks with the inside of my foot, connecting at a low point on the ball, bringing my foot up over the top. This creates topspin and dip."

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