Win every tackle

Here's how Arsenal full-back, Carl Jenkinson makes every challenge count

Purists will say tackling is a dying art. The hallmark of a talentless hatchet man who has no place in the modern game. Traditionalists will argue that it’s part of football’s blood and thunder appeal.

Whichever mantra you follow, there’s no denying it’s an essential skill for a defender and there’s more to it than diving in to an ankle-cruncher.

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The speed and skill of the modern footballer means defenders have to time their tackles to perfection or risk punishment from the referee.

For Arsenal full-back Carl Jenkinson, anticipation and problem solving are key to dispossessing an opponent.

“I try to anticipate what the opposing player is going to do with the ball and where he’s going to move,” he explained to FFT.

“It was always drummed into us to stay on our feet, at every level, but in some situations you have to go to ground with a last-ditch tackle.”

Watch this video to hear more from Jenkinson on stripping your opponent of the ball.

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