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Go from flapper to flight commander with our keeping drill

There are few more agonising sights in football than a keeper swiping wildly at thin air as a cross is pumped into his area. Plucking out crosses in a crowded box is an extremely difficult skill for the very best Premier League stopper, so it’s no wonder that many amateurs struggle with it.

Worry not: trainer to the Premier League stars Jamie Velocity is here with a great drill to banish the blundering and turn you into a Manuel Neuer style catching machine.

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Tether your waist to the goalposts with a resistance band and get a ‘server’ to bounce the ball into the ground. Leap to catch it, exploding off one leg, and repeat over a number of sets: you’ll soon be jumping higher and gauging ball arcs better than ever.

Reynolds is the founder of Velocity Training Club. For more information visit and follow @jamie_velocity

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