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Goalkeeper training drills: Dealing with crosses

Set up 

Set out mannequins or a group of passive defenders around the six yard box. Position two servers on the right wing and two on the left, both with a supply of balls. 



Server one on the right wing sends a cross into the penalty box. The goalkeeper must navigate their way around the mannequins and deal with the cross, either by catching it or punching it clear. If they catch it, they must quickly turn and throw the ball out to a server on the opposite wing. Repeat this process with server two on the right wing and then with both servers on the left wing.  


Reps: Four crosses per server

Sets: 3-5 


How it helps

Replicates game-like scenario of coming for a cross in a crowded penalty box, encouraging the goalkeeper to attack the ball confidently and find their way through the pack. Also challenges goalkeeper to claim the cross and start a counter-attack. 

Andrew Sparkes is the Head of Academy Goalkeeping at Swansea City. Follow @andrewsparkes1 @swansofficial @swans_academy

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