Ederson: Passing, playing outfield and Pep

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson tells us how playing outfield developed his ability on the ball

Is it true you used to play at left-back when you were a youngster?
Yes, it’s true. But the life of a left-back is not easy at all. I didn’t fancy chasing fast wingers and struggled to track their runs. Then I talked to my coach and told him I wanted to play as a goalkeeper. Surprisingly enough, I did quite well in the first training session. It was like love at first sight. From then on I started to shape my goalkeeping style, and thankfully I evolved in this position.

We’ve see you coming out of your penalty area and making a lot of passes in the Premier League. Does Pep Guardiola give you any special instructions about this?
We normally do a lot of drills on how to get out of the first third of the field, especially in the days just before matches, so this helps me a lot. My team-mates also pass me the ball frequently, which makes my life much easier in this regard.

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Gary Neville thinks you are talented enough with the ball at your feet to play in midfield…
I agree with him. Actually, when I played in the Benfica youth teams, they would always call me to play in midfield if someone was missing and I didn’t ever embarrass myself. So, if necessary I’m definitely up to the task. It wouldn’t be easy, especially in the Premier League, but I think I could manage the challenge.

Do you do anything specific in training to perfect your trademark long passes?
Not really, no. I did it quite a lot when I was in Benfica’s youth teams, but I think it’s a natural talent. I was always comfortable with the ball at my feet, and this helps me during games. It’s something I’ve been working on since I started out at Sao Paulo, and over time I’ve tried to improve my skills. But even when I played in the local academy I was trying to show off some ability with my feet. I actually scored several goals when taking free-kicks!

We’ve heard about your dead-ball prowess. Were you influenced by Rogerio Ceni, Sao Paulo’s goalscoring keeper?
Not a great deal. To be honest, it started even before I joined the club. One of my coaches encouraged me to try it. In the beginning I didn’t want to take any free-kicks but he pushed me to do it. Then I started scoring a few goals and everything changed. But I don’t do it anymore. City have plenty of specialists in this area…

This is an extract from an interview which appeared in the March issue of FourFourTwo

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