Giorgio Chiellini: Anger management

Keep your emotions in check on the big occasion by focusing on the plan, says the Azzurri rock

“I’ve got some massive games coming up, but I always get myself too worked up and ruin my performance. How do you prepare for big games?”
Derek Yeung, via Facebook

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Giorgio Chiellini says:

“Before a big game I search for tranquility, because I’m a very tense person. I feel every match in an intense way. If I get more excited and agitated than I am already, I’ll lose focus and make bad decisions on the pitch.

So I try to think about what I have to do for the team. You can’t control every outcome, only what you do. I concentrate on the game plan and how I’m going to do my job.

I make sure I get a clear understanding of what the manager wants from me. I don’t lock myself away or listen to calming music; I immerse myself with the team and the manager to discuss what we have to do.

Having these chats as a group ensures we’re all fully aware of our tasks. Many times this isn’t enough, but I believe that starting with as much focus and planning as possible is useful for every player.”

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