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How to play like Mesut Ozil: Master the 1v1: Part one

There’s no doubt speed is a devastating weapon, but for us mere Sunday League mortals who don’t have Gareth Bale’s horsepower we need to find another solution.


A lot can be learned from Arsenal’s master technician Mesut Ozil. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in imagination and guile. 


His ability to work space for a killer pass or a pinpoint shot with a flash of his mercurial feet can make all the difference.


Now, as much as we’d like to clone Ozil’s genes and pass them onto you – we can’t. But we can help you model your game on his skill set. 



With the help Coerver Coaching co-founder Alfred Galustian (@coerveralf) we have come up with a drill that will challenge your ability to beat your man in tight spaces – without relying on a blistering burst of pace.


This means you could soon be bobbing, weaving and shimmying your way past the opposition - just like the German playmaker.


Click play and take another step towards Mesut-amorphosis (say that after a few post-match pints). 

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