Joe Hart: How to impress at a trial

Give yourself the best chance to shine in a trial thanks to this advice from the Manchester City and England no.1

As England and Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart tells us “good saves just happen – you can’t train for them.” So even if you know that you’ve got the ability to pull off some stunners, there’s a fair chance that you won’t always get the chance to show this off, he says.

Instead: Hart tells us that the best way to dazzle a future coach is by doing the basics well: be reliable and focus on your positioning and communication, rather than trying to force things to happen. If you can display good decision-making, you’re half way to getting the job…

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Joe Hart trained using the Nike Ordem 3 Hi-Vis with The Nike Academy, a full-time, pro-level training programme run by Nike based at St George's Park

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