Kasper Schmeichel: Shot-stopping

From knuckleballs to daisy-cutters, the Leicester City and Denmark shot-stopper tells you how to swat away every kind of shot

“Saving low shots, close to your body, is all about positioning and how quickly you can get down to the ball. Work on drills that force you to move your feet at speed and spring up for the next shot.


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Goalkeepers hate knuckleball free-kicks where the ball moves in the air. It’s almost impossible to calculate where it’s going. Stay light on your feet so you can make quick adjustments. A lot of coaches focus on side-stepping, but I don’t believe in that. The most important thing is getting from A to B quickly. 


Working hard in the gym will also help. You need to be explosive, strong and flexible, with a solid core.


Finally, remember to push the ball away from goal and not back into the danger area, where a striker might be following up the shot.


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