Romelu Lukaku: My Premier League workout

Romelu Lukaku is that big he probably grew up playing with dumbbells rather than children’s toys.

At 6ft 4in the burly Belgium is one of the Premier League’s most physically imposing strikers – but how does he manage to look like a heavyweight and move like a flyweight?

"I’m a striker known for my power and pace and in the gym the core and TRX stuff helps me, especially with holding my man off using my arms,” he tells FFT.

“Most of the time when I run at full pace and the defender tries to push me off I don’t have to do anything because I’m that strong.”

In this video elite conditioning coach Jamie Reynolds puts Lukaku through a football-specific workout to showcase the 23-year-old’s athleticism.

The Belgium international powers through the session using TRX cables, dumbbells, core exercises, plyometrics and reaction drills. 

He also takes time to step out of his sweat session and explain the importance of putting in the extra work for you budding young footballers. All you have to do is hit play and listen.

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