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Staying performance focused before kick-off

We've all been there. You turn up on a Sunday morning and the opposition are decked out in all the new gear and running through a professional looking drill.

They look big, athletic and unbeatable. Before the game has even kicked-off, you're already praying for the final whistle.

But the old adage don't judge a book by a cover should be applied in this situation, says Peak Performance coach, Tom Bates.

Bates insists you have to concentrate on what you can do to win, not why the opposition are going to beat you.

"As long as the direction of your thoughts and your focus is on the opposition team, your thoughts aren’t centered on what you are in control of," Bates told FFT.

"Go through a very simple checklist – what do we need to focus on? What are your roles and responsibilities?

"By focusing on these, you can again build a game plan. Think about what you’re in control of and not what’s outside of your control."

Watch this video for more from our expert brain trainer.

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