VIDEO: Jordan Henderson’s weekly training diary

Plan your week to perfection with the Liverpool man and be ready for matchday. First, clear your diary – it’s time to work…


“Sunday is all about recovery. I’ll go to the training ground and have a spin on the bike for 15 minutes, then I’ll stretch on a foam roller for 10-15 minutes. After this, I’ll either jump in the pool or have a massage. I might get in the ice bath for four to five minutes – it’s not too bad once you’re in! I’ll also load up on carbs and get more protein on board.”
GAINS: Muscle repair + Flexibility + Reduce inflammation

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“It’s my second day of recovery, so I’ll go for a jog, have a stretch and then maybe go into the gym to do some core and upper body work – but it’d be very light. Then I’ll get in the pool, before going home to relax. Some people like to have ice baths, but the main thing for me is getting in the pool to loosen up and get the legs going. That’s where I feel the most benefit.”
GAINS: Relieve stress + Ease aches + Increase circulation in muscles

“We’ll be out on the training pitch for a light session and then we’ll do a bit more gym work on the upper body and core. The theme of the training session will depend on what the manager wants in the build-up to the next game: we’ll work on strengths and how to exploit the opposition’s weaknesses.”
GAINS: Core strength + Upper body + Technique

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“This is our most intensive day of training. We’ll work hard on the pitch for 90 minutes or so, then have some physio treatment or go into the gym, working out for 45 minutes. Wednesday is leg day so it’s tough going. After training you have to get all the right things on board – food, protein shakes, fluids – to help with the muscle repair and growth.”
GAINS: Cardio + Technique + Leg strength

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“Training won’t be as intense as it was on Wednesday but it’s still at a high level, with the focus on Saturday’s match. If there’s a week between games you’ll get either the next day or the day after off. It’s all about resting, recovering, training and preparing for the next game.”
GAINS: Technique + Cardio + Tactics

“The day before a match is all about preparation, so we’ll do very little – maybe some keep-ball, work on shape and a little game. A lot of our training sessions at Liverpool are as hard mentally as they are physically. The manager is always thinking about the next match and he challenges us to do the same. That keeps you mentally sharp.”
GAINS: Mental focus + Tactics

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“Everyone knows the tactics – the team will be announced before we go to the stadium – so we just put into action all that we worked on during the week. I find it hard to eat after a game, but I have a shake to get protein on board and I’ll try to eat a chicken pitta or pasta to refuel. I’m drained, mentally and physically, but it’s hard to sleep because adrenaline is still running through my body.”
GAINS: Three points + Job satisfaction + Adulation

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Prepare like a Premier League star
Make sure you’re primed for kick-off by following the midfielder’s pre-match routine 
9am: Get up
9:15am: Eat breakfast
12pm: Meet up with the lads
12:15pm: Put fuel in the tank
1:30pm: Go over the game plan
2pm: Meet with the ref
2:10pm: Warm up
2:40pm: Get the pre-game tunes pumping
2:50pm: Listen to the gaffer
3pm: Game time!

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