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Levy ‘just thought Pochettino would be a bit taller’

While insisting that he’s completely happy with his new manager, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has admitted that he expected Mauricio Pochettino to be just a little taller and possibly a little more tanned.

Levy moved to lure Pochettino away from Southampton after becoming certain that he was the right man to take Tottenham to the next level when he saw Pochettino smouldering in the away dugout at White Hart Lane back in March.

Despite initially thinking he had no chance of ever getting Pochettino, Levy plucked up the courage to approach the Southampton tactician and was delighted to find his interest was reciprocated.

But just days after standing together grinning as Pochettino was unveiled as his new manager, Levy is showing signs of cold feet.

“He’s great, really great,” Levy told FourFourTwo.“I’m completely happy. Completely.

“It’s no big deal or anything, but I thought he’d be a little taller. And maybe he could shave every now and again, but no, he’s great.”

His eyes following Pochettino across the room, Levy visibly winced as the Argentine tactician took a lengthy, generous scratch of his scrotum.

“It’s just, he looked a bit more [tanned and mysterious] on the Southampton bench - he was certainly a more healthy shade than [Tim] Sherwood,” Levy mused.

“And would it kill him to shave? That’s the second time now.”

At the time of publication, Levy was logging in to an App on his iPhone that provides location-based services in order to facilitate communication between mutually interested managers and chairmen.