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What is the Europa League anthem?

Europa League trophy
(Image credit: PA)

The Europa League anthem might not be quite as iconic as the Champions League equivalent, but it's an integral component of the pre-match ritual in Europe's second tier club competition nonetheless.

Since rebranding from the UEFA Cup in 2009, the Europa League has actually has two anthems. The current version has soundtracked the tournament since 2015/16 edition. Composed by former hip-hop producer Michael Kadelbach, it was recorded in Berlin.

Kadelbach, a die-hard Eintracht Frankfurt fan, has said of the anthem: "I wanted this music to capture all the emotion and energy I felt as a youngster standing side by side my friends as we all loudly clapped and cheered on our team, win or lose."

That would explain the use of fans' clapping as the core rhythm - which makes up somewhat for the lack of lyrics.

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