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Dave King to stand down as Rangers chairman

Dave King has announced he is stepping down as Rangers chairman.

King told the club’s annual general meeting that he was quitting because Rangers had emerged from the “crisis” he found when he and his allies gained control of the boardroom in March 2015.

King said: “The hard work of recovery is now done and I intend to step down from the board in the new year as soon as the new funding round has been concluded by the sub-committee and the new devolved operating structure for the club that was approved yesterday has been fully implemented.

Dave King, right, with Rangers manager Steven Gerrard

Dave King, right, with Rangers manager Steven Gerrard (Jeff Holmes/PA)

“I estimate that will take about four months.”

King added: “I would not step down if the club continued to need my services and support. But it doesn’t.

“I thank all of our shareholders and fans for the absolutely magnificent support I have received.

“Despite the personal trials and tribulations, I want to state that being the chairman of Rangers has been, by far, the greatest privilege of my business life and I will continue to use my shareholding influence to support the club and its board.”