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FIFPro prepare for legal battle over transfers

The union presented details of their challenge in front of the European General Assembly in Dublin on Monday as part of an effort to gather support across Europe.

A statement released on FIFPro's official website underlined the objectives of the union's challenges, including the intention to "eliminate ineffective and unsustainable financial practises such as inflated agent fees and third-party ownership".

Secretary general Theo van Seggelen stressed the importance of taking a stand to affect change.

"We are energised by the response from our member unions worldwide, and cautiously optimistic that the law is on our side," he said.

"We have an enormous opportunity, together with all stakeholders, to fundamentally improve the game.

"However, it is clear that FIFPro needs to take the lead on this as discussions with other stakeholders expose an unhealthy willingness to effectively maintain the status quo.

"This goes beyond FIFPro's traditional role to safeguard the rights of the players. We also intend to prove that through the failings of the transfer system the football industry has become its own worst enemy."