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Jimenez hits back at claims Copa America is 'built for Mexico'

Forward Raul Jimenez has hit back at claims that the Copa America Centenario was "built for Mexico" following their victory over Uruguay.

The remark came from Wilmar Valdez, president of the Uruguayan Football Association, on Monday following his side's controversial 3-1 defeat in their tournament opener against Mexico.

Although the tournament is hosted in the United States, Mexico enjoy massive popularity given the high number of Mexicans living in the USA.

But Jimenez says their popularity does not mean referees were looking after them, telling his team-mates to ignore Valdez's claims.

"What we can do is to concentrate on our game," he said.

"We have to prove them wrong, if they said that, we have to reflect on the field that we can be champions, and not because someone is fixing the games for us to be champions.

"We have to show on the field that we can do this, we need to demonstrate that we can be champions."

Jimenez and Co. will get the chance to do just that against Jamaica in Group C on Thursday when they play at the Rose Bowl, where a win would confirm their progression to the quarter-finals.