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King insists there is ‘no chance’ of Rangers selling Morelos in January

Outgoing chairman Dave King believes there is “no chance” of Rangers selling Alfredo Morelos in January.

The Colombia international has scored 22 goals in 27 Rangers appearances this season and has made no secret of his ambition to move to a bigger league.

But King insists it would make no sense to sell the 22-year-old, with Steven Gerrard’s side currently locked on 34 points with Ladbrokes Premiership leaders Celtic.

“I see no chance of that,” King told Rangers TV. “I say that because I am certainly encouraging the manager not to sell him at any price. For us it’s important to win a league title.

“If someone came along and offered even an obscene amount of money, my suggestion to the manager would be not to take it and the manager doesn’t want to.

“So I see no chance of Morelos being sold, no matter what happens.

“We need him to compete for the title and I would be extremely uncomfortable – no matter what the money was – of letting Morelos go.

“So I think it’s fair to say it will not happen.”

King expects outgoings are more likely than arrivals in January but would not rule out new signings.

“My current understanding is it’s more about changing the size of the squad, I think they have too many players,” said King, who announced his intention to step down as chairman at the club’s annual general meeting.

“I don’t get the sense from Steven or my discussions with (sporting director) Ross (Wilson) over the last couple of days that they are unhappy with the squad they have got. I think it’s more to trim it back a bit in advance of the summer.

“So I think it’s possible but I’d be surprised if much would happen in January.

“But there’s going to be a big focus in the summer.”