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Ranieri's 96-year-old mother: Now my son is King of England

Leicester City's stunning Premier League title success has made manager Claudio Ranieri the "King of England", according to his mother.

The Foxes were crowned champions on Monday, with Ranieri jetting back from a lunch with his mother in Italy in time to watch Chelsea's dramatic 2-2 draw with Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, which ended the title race.

The Premier League is the 64-year-old's first top-flight title in his managerial career and his mother has been receiving messages of congratulation from all over the world.

"I started crying after the game," Renata Ranieri, who is 96, told La Repubblica.

"Only later did he manage to call me and the rest of the family. Claudio calls me every night but this was extra special and he was so happy as were the rest of us. 

"We can relax now and enjoy the moment. Our lunch lasted two hours and we talked about everything about the team and what they were on the verge of achieving.

"We never expected that it could happen but Claudio found a great group of players who have trained like true professionals and finally everything has fallen into place and my son has found himself.

"He is now the King of England and we are hearing compliments about him from all over the world and I thank them all!"

Renata thinks it is only now that Claudio is receiving the respect he has long deserved in the game.

She added: "He has won a trophy before but there has been a lack of respect.

"I was sorry how it ended with Roma as the whole family are Giallorossi fans so when my son was working for the club we were also guests at Trigoria.

"But now he is a champion of England and we couldn't be prouder."