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Video: Peruvian goalkeeper goes home crying after conceding 22 goals

Chavez conceded the staggering number for third division side Valle Real against second-tier opponents Santa Rosa in the Copa Peru.

The tournament is an important one, as it gives minor teams in Peru the opportunity to qualify for the professional first division.

With his goal completely peppered for the entire match, though, Chavez couldn’t stop 22 shots on target from flying in.

“I felt a lot of sadness,” he said. “After the match I went to my house and cried. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

“This is a thing I will remember all my life, but it will never happen again.”

The cup match leaves Valle Real bottom of their group in the district stage, with Santa Rosa joint top.

It's probably safe to say Chavez's team-mates should take some responsibility too.

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