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Liverpool's guide to pre-match meals

Experts tell us we need to load up on carbs for energy, scoff protein to build muscle and to knock back three litres of water a day to keep our body's hydrated.

But to the average Sunday League footballer a greasy bacon sandwich takes care of the protein and carbs and an energy drink ticks off the hydration box. Wrong.

If you want to keep your pistons whirring, while your opponent crawls to the side of the pitch to call 999, then you need to eat the right things, at the right time.

It's one thing knowing what nutrients you need to eat, but it's another knowing what foods they're in, especially if you're a mummy's boy.

But thanks to Liverpool's former head of sports medicine and sports science, Dr Peter Brukner, we can help you prepare the essential pre-match nosh for morning kick-offs to midweek training sessions.

Just press play and get ready to make a shopping list….

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