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Tony Carr: Making the killer pass

In a tight game when space is at a premium every team needs a player who can play the pass that nobody else can see.

Playmakers are born with an innate ability to spot the killer pass and execute it with razor sharp precision.

Sadly we haven’t all been blessed by the football gods. For those of you haven’t, FFT has a drill that will sharpen you combination play in and around the penalty box, helping you to unlock the stingiest of defences.

West Ham United academy director, Tony Carr, who helped develop the talents of pass masters Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and Frank Lampard, took to the training field with the Nike Academy to show FFT how the drill works.

“In this drill we're looking for combinations around the box to exploit the space, move the opposition defenders around and make that killer pass,” said Carr.

"The killer pass is the pass that creates a goalscoring opportunity. Players that can play these combinations in and around the box become the most effective players – like the Luka Modrics of this world.

“It's important that the players use their own imagination and don't just play to order. The players have to make the right choices in the moment.”

To watch this drill in full flow hit the play button.

Tony Carr is head coach for EA SPORTS’ Love Football Play Football campaign, enabling FIFA 12 fans to transfer their gaming skills from their thumbs to their feet. Watch more exclusive tutorials with Tony starring Wayne Rooney and Vincent Kompany

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