Tony Carr: Hitting a team on the counter-attack

Speed is they key to a blistering breakaway, according to former West Ham United academy director, Tony Carr

Jose Mourinho has built Real Madrid's success around a devastating counter-attack, armed with speed and precision.

After losing possession, opposition defences barely have time to catch breath, as a flash of white movement sweeps up the other end of the field and lashes the ball into the back of the net.

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Want to learn how to emulate Mourinho's La Liga winning side? Well, look no further because FFT can show you how to hit an opponent on the break.

In this video, former West Ham United academy director, Tony Carr, takes the Nike Academy through a counter-attack drill designed to catch the opposition off-guard.

"The key element to the counter-attack is the speed of attack, speed of movement and speed of passing," said Carr.

"This a good practice to have because possession changes hands very quickly and the quicker you can exploit the space behind the opposition you're attacking, the more chance you have of being effective and scoring."

Tony Carr is head coach for EA SPORTS’ Love Football Play Football campaign, enabling FIFA 12 fans to transfer their gaming skills from their thumbs to their feet. Watch more exclusive tutorials with Tony starring Wayne Rooney and Vincent Kompany at

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