Tony Carr: Finishing from crosses

West Ham United's academy director, Tony Carr, shows you how to convert your crosses

When the opposition cordon off the penalty box, blocking off all roads leading to goal, you have to stretch the defence and get the ball out wide.

A talented winger will receive a pass, survey the options in the box and pick out a team-mate with a pinpoint delivery.

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But, making the most of balls into the box is not just about the quality of the cross, there are a number of elements that have to come together.

West Ham United’s academy director, Tony Carr, broke down these details down for FFT in a drill with the Nike Academy.

"There are two elements - obviously the delivery is the most important thing and the timing of the run is the next important thing. One without the other is no good,” Carr explained.

"We're looking for quick, early finishes and good early, quality crosses. Whichever technique you're going to use, you've got to keep your head down and look at the ball.

“Too many players get their head up too early, looking where the cross has gone before they've delivered it. It's crucial to watch the ball and not take your eye off it, until you've made contact."

Motivate your players to get the ball into wide areas and punish the opposition with this drill from the Hammer's youth team boss.

Tony Carr is head coach for EA SPORTS’ Love Football Play Football campaign, enabling FIFA 12 fans to transfer their gaming skills from their thumbs to their feet. Watch more exclusive tutorials with Tony starring Wayne Rooney and Vincent Kompany at

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