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Diego Costa: Silence those boo boys

“I’m a semi-pro who plays in front of a few hundred fans. But when the opposition supporters get on my back I lose focus. How do you stay calm?”
Dan Hedges, via Twitter

Diego Costa says:

"I always use it as motivation. The more you shout at me, the more it increases my chances of scoring a goal.

Sticking one in the back of the net is the best response to any fans who are on your case. I don’t worry about what opposition supporters sing. They’re entitled to say what they like – they’ve paid to be there – but I don’t really care.

A hostile atmosphere is why you play football – it’s what inspires you to compete. Without that extra part of me, I feel there’s something missing from Diego Costa. I need that fire.

Using it as an inspiration is important for any player because it gives you more desire to compete and overcome any obstacle.

I’m quite shy off the pitch, but on it I’ve always fought to protect myself and my team, and part of that comes from my reaction to boos and whistles from the crowd.

Of course, some players prefer to ignore those shouts because that works best for them. It’s all about getting yourself in the best mindset to cause the most damage. If you score, they’ll soon shut up."

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