The FFT100: All hail Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible 2014

Real Madrid's No.7 is our No.1...

It's been some 2014 for Cristiano Ronaldo. Blasting away (almost) all-comers in la Liga and Champions League, helping Real Madrid to La Decima by beating their city rivals in Lisbon, and now he's retained top spot in the FourFourTwo 100 Best Football Players in the World list. 

Presenting a pictorial tribute to the mighty Portugueser... like him or loathe him, you can't ignore him.

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Without Ronaldo's goals in 2014, Real Madrid still won the Champion League. Ronaldo only scored late goals against Bayern , Dortmund, Schalke04, A. Madrid when the matches were already 2-0, 3-0. Ronaldo 's goals didn't have significant value to the Decima , the goals were just products of counter-attacks when the matches already decided. Ramos ' goals were more important

Ronaldo had record but Most of Ronaldo 's goals were penalties and tap-ins from close-range.