Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit: Is Cristiano Ronaldo's last World Cup shirt inspired by Monaco?

Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit: Is Cristiano Ronaldo's last World Cup shirt inspired by Monaco?
(Image credit: Nike)

The Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit is out – and this one is going to get plenty of attention for a bold new design.

With Cristiano Ronaldo now 37, it seems increasingly likely that the Peter Pan of the Portuguese game won't be playing at the 2026 edition of the tournament, making Qatar his final hurrah. Nike have chosen for him to go out with a bang, too, seemingly taking inspiration from Monaco shirts to give this top a diagonal green block across the body. 

Adidas and Puma have already released their World Cup kits, with the Swoosh now following – the Nike away shirt for the Selecao has dropped, too. Almost all World Cup shirts have now been released ahead of November's tournament.

FFT's verdict

The Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit is maybe the most daring that Nike have ever delivered

After all, it's usually the same template: dark red, bits of gold, bits of green. You have to go back to 2014 for a Portugal shirt that wasn't a minimal dark red with barely any pattern – Euro 2020 went with a polo collar, while 2018's was also a simplistic masterpiece. 

But this one breaks with all that tradition. The first thing it recalls is the Monaco shirt, with a diagonal block of colour – yes, in exactly the same corner, too. It's more green than has ever been on a Selecao shirt. So much so that it might enforce kit clashes. 

The tone of the red has lightened from the last two efforts, while the gold is now a more yellow tone. But still, this one has divided opinion online. 

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The Portugal 2022 World Cup home and away kits (Image credit: Nike)

In its defence, this is still a stunning shirt. If Nike had delivered a pattern like this for the away jersey, we'd all be fawning over it. There's a beautiful icon on the back of the neck recalling the pattern in the Portuguese flag itself while the colours all look lovely. 

It's nice to see a more yellowy gold this time around, too. A few of the more recent Portugal shirts have felt somewhat samey. Unfortunately, the squad numbers will yet again appear under the Nike Swoosh on the front. We loved it in 2018 – but that's three times in a row now that they've put the numbers there. 

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The England 2022 World Cup home kit (Image credit: Nike)

Overall, there will be some strong opinions on this one. Should Cristiano Ronaldo bow out of World Cup football with a particularly memorable tournament, however, be sure to notice the 180s made on how this thing looks. The World Cup makes many an icon, after all. 

You can buy this one from Nike football – the rest of the World Cup kits are on there, too.

Buy the shirt

Nike 2022 World Cup kit

The Nike Portugal World Cup 2022 home shirt (Image credit: Nike)

Nike Portugal 2022 World Cup home shirt

A diagonal block of green for the Selecao's most bonkers shirt for a generation


Sizes: S-3XL

Reasons to buy

Gold touches are lovely
Icon on the back of the neck looks great
The shades of colour complement each other nicely

Reasons to avoid

That diagonal block looks weird
Shirt numbers under the Nike Swoosh again

Shirt info

What is the sizing like with the Nike Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit?

The sizing with all Nike football kits is natural enough for your size – though the cuffs and collar might be a little tight if you're looking for a slimmer fit. 

Nike have a full size guide here.

What is the difference between the match and regular versions of the Nike Portugal 2022 World Cup home kit?

The match version of the shirt is the official jersey that the players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually in the material being slightly different and the badges and logos being woven into the shirt rather than printed on.

"This one pairs authentic design details with lightweight, quick-drying fabric to help keep the world's biggest football stars cool and comfortable on the pitch. This product is made from 100% recycled polyester fibres," Nike says.

"Nike Dri-FIT ADV technology combines moisture-wicking fabric with advanced engineering and features to help you stay dry and comfortable. Informed by athlete testing, open-hole fabric in high-heat zones helps you stay cool when the game heats up."

If you want to pay extra for that added quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here. In terms of design or feel though, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and just the same to the naked eye.

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