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Wales 2022 World Cup home kit: Is this the nicest home shirt at the tournament?

The Wales 2022 World Cup home kit
(Image credit: Wales)

The Wales 2022 World Cup home kit is here – is it their nicest tournament shirt of all time?

Complete with a subtly textured zigzag pattern and the new textless Adidas logo, minimalism is the dish of the day with the Dragons' lovely home threads. Green and white are both included in this one – often, it's been either/or for Adi – with the yellow completely binned and the round collar returning. 

The rest of the Adidas World Cup kits have all dropped, along with the Adidas away shirt for Cymru, too. These are just two of our favourites of all the World Cup shirts getting released between now and November.

FFT's verdict

The Wales 2022 World Cup home kit is a lesson in how to do something restrained without being too boring

All the best Welsh shirts are simple, anyway. The huge V-neck Kappa efforts of the 2000s, the Umbro diamond top of the early 90s (England's blue version is the more popular cousin to it) and even the Admiral classics of the 70s. 

The Euro 2020 effort was solid if not unspectacular but for this one, Adidas have deepened the crimson and brought back a vintage colour combination for the nation's first World Cup in 64 years. That zig-zag theme continues with the away, while the green from the crest is perfectly matched to the round collar. 

It's exactly what Welsh fans would have been hoping from for this one, right? 


The Wales 2022 World Cup home kit (Image credit: Wales)

And while the German brand have been busy reinventing the wheel for the likes of Argentina, Japan and Spain to innovate with polarising new designs, there's a familiarity about the Welsh shirt that feels comfortable. The base pattern elevates it beyond your standard all-red home tops of past years – and it's not a design that will upset anyone. 

Of course, just a tiny bit more to focus on would have satisfied those who may still claim that this is a bit of a boring effort. Maybe an insignia of a dragon somewhere? A reference to the last trip to a World Cup in 1958? That's nit-picking, mind.

Wales 2022 World Cup home kit

The Wales 2022 World Cup home kit (Image credit: Wales)

Simply through the Wales home shirt even being on display in Qatar this winter, this going to become an icon of a generation. Kids all over the country will be wearing this in November – they'll be donning it next summer, too, and in the years to come when Wales have hopefully been to a few more World Cups.

You can buy this one from JD Sports (opens in new tab) – the rest of Adidas's World Cup shirts are on Adidas's official site (opens in new tab).

Buy the shirt


(Image credit: Wales)

Adidas Wales 2022 World Cup home shirt

The Cymru crimson that will become an icon of a generation


Sizes: XS-2XL

Reasons to buy

Subtle but beautiful pattern
Colour choice is superb
No more yellow

Reasons to avoid

A little too plain for some tastes

Shirt info

What is the sizing like with the Wales 2022 World Cup home kit?

The sizing with all Adidas football kits is very natural – not too tight in any places, apart from perhaps around the cuffs on short sleeve shirts, if you have big arms.

Adidas have a full size guide here (opens in new tab).

What is the difference between the authentic and regular versions of the Wales 2022 World Cup home kit?

The authentic version of the shirt is the official jersey that the players will wear for matches. The only differences are minimal, usually in the material being slightly different and the badges and logos being woven into the shirt rather than printed on.

"Made with Parley Ocean Plastic, new ultra-breathable 3D engineered fabric 'HEAT.RDY' technology, triangle-shaped 'Authentic' badge, 3 stripes tape execution on the shoulders, the Authentic jerseys introduce new technologies to a future iconic football jersey silhouette," says Adidas. Now you know.

If you want to pay extra for that added quality, you can buy the authentic shirt here (opens in new tab). In terms of design or feel though, the regular version of the top is perfectly good and just the same to the naked eye.

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