All hail King Tevez, River players pelted with chicken feed

'He wore the Argentina flag, he wore the Argentina flag,' was a phrase that I think, with only a little bit of exaggeration, was what every one of my Argentine friends said to me on Monday morning.

The photo of King Tevez with a Argentina celestial blue and white flag draped around his shoulders appeared on the front page of every newspaper and was a proud moment for a proud nation.

"The English love me for what I have done with Manchester," the star told daily football rag Olé. "I wore the flag so it would help give an even better image of my country."

Celebrating his ninth title, Tevez also said how the English appreciate his work rate.

"They were shouting "Argentina, Argentina" when I had the ball, and I have seen lots of Argentina flags in the crowd."

He also dedicated his title to his uncle who is suffering from cancer.

Carlos dons his country's colours during title celebrations

It could be called a self-fulfilling prophecy, but since some witty fan threw a live chicken on to the pitch after a dismal losing streak by River a couple of years ago, they have been nicknamed gallinas (chickens).

In the best tradition they took the name under their belt and proudly called it their own. Now it has reappeared, original meaning intact.

Despite being on the top of the table - although there are six teams within four points and they are only separated from Estudiantes by goal difference - River's miserable week involving crashing out of the Copa Libertadores to San Lorenzo and losing the Superclasicó has left fans furious.

On Sunday they comprehensively beat Gimnasia de La Plata (currently in 16th) but, far from appeasing the fans, each goal was met by utter silence from the 40,000-strong crowd. Worse, the players were pelted with corn arrived at the stadium and as they left the changing rooms.

"It hurt," River's Diego Buonanotte said, unclear whether he was referring to physical pain or mental distress.  What is clear is that River must win the domestic title if Simeone wants to hang on to his job.

Silence greets Abelairas' goal against Gimnasia de La Plata