Barbecue sauce bottle warned after flipping the bird at Central Coast Mariners game

The Aussie company have wrist-slapped the Mariners mascot who was filmed making a rude gesture to Newcastle Jets fans

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The MasterFoods barbecue sauce mascot responded with middle fingers to Jets fans' chants of "Who are ya?" during Central Coast Mariners' 5-1 victory on October 7.

Consequently, the cuddly sauce bottle has been warned about future conduct from his master employer. 

"The MasterFoods barbecue sauce bottle mascot has been given a yellow card after its response to Newcastle Jets fans,” MasterFoods said in an official statement to the Express Advocate.

"While the sauce bottle mascots are synonymous with A-League games hosted on the Central Coast, the behaviour of the barbecue sauce bottle is not reflective of the family-friendly MasterFoods way.

"You’ll see the sauce bottle mascots in finer form at the next home game. Following his yellow card, barbecue knows that another one might mean some time on the bench and a promotion for mustard to the starting line-up with tomato."

Bet you didn't expect to spend your day reading about condiment-based banter now, did you? (Sorry about that.)

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