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Best kettlebells and hand weights for home workouts

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No gym is complete without a quality set of hand weights and yours should be no different. There isn’t a footballer on the planet worth his salt that doesn’t take just as good care of his arms, chest, abs and shoulders as he does his feet. 

Sure you don’t have to have guns like Adebayo Akinfenwa, but a little extra muscle always helps. Here are some of the best hand weights on the market...

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GYMBOX Portable Smashbell

Soft fitness power sand bag free moving weight for functional training

Mixture of a kettlebell and a medicine-ball
High-quality materials 
Weight flexibility
Comes with training instructions, exercise poster and access data for the Gymbox online training
Relatively expensive

This smart piece of kit is a perfect hybrid, offering the simple design of a kettlebell and the durability of a medicine ball. 

It’s filled with sand, meaning it can be dropped, thrown or rolled without causing damage to your floors and walls. It also means the weight can be adjusted, by removing or adding more sand, making this an incredibly flexible piece of training equipment. 

Kettlebell exercises are particularly good for strengthening arms, shoulders, the back, legs and even improving cardio. They’ll have you looking leaner than James Milner in no time. 

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lINOC Kettle Clip Booster

Adjustable portable weight grip that is an essential part of any gym bag

Grip can hold most standard dumbbells up to 25 kg
Innovative design
Includes lifetime warranty
Tranforms workouts
Does not include weights. Must be bought separately

While not actually a kettlebell in itself, the lINOC Kettle Clip Booster is an intelligent piece of kit for anyone who already owns dumbbells - or is considering buying some - but also wants to try kettlebell workouts. 

Simply snap the product open, place a dumbbell inside and carefully close it and voila, you now have a kettlebell. 

Ideal for travelling, the Kettle Clip Booster weighs a measly half a kilo and ensures you can maintain any kettlebell routines you like even if you are unsure of a gym or workout station has them.

Linoc Free Weights

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lINOC Free Weights

Simple, stylish and easy to use range that comes highly recommended by users

Suitable for targeted strength and endurance training
Neoprene skin offers very good protection, keeping the flooring from being damaged
Protected by the neoprene coating against perspiration water and scratches
Tested by quality control

Just want something simple and familiar that just gets the job done? The Gareth Barry of gym equipment? Then look no further. lINOC are market leaders when it comes to hand weights and this range is simple, smart and affordable.

The 0.5kg weights might be small but they’re perfect for adding that little extra onus when running, power walking or simply returning from arms and shoulder injuries. 

The larger are perfect for chest, bicep, abs and shoulder exercises, without ever bordering on dangerous territory. Bright colours make them easy on the eye and the neoprene skin guarantees a solid grip no matter how sweaty the workout. 

Just an all-round simple and highly recommended range for beginners and pros alike.