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BotN: Fans let down as Balotelli fails to behave like performing seal

The Back of the Net view on Germany 1-2 Italy

Italy stormed into the final of the European Championships on Thursday night, withstanding a late fightback to record a highly impressive 2-1 victory over Germany. The game was marred, however, by the absence of any eagerly-expected clownish antics from Italian striker Mario Balotelli.

Balotelli, whose previous role in the team was simply to pull outrageous stunts and caper ineptly after lost causes, left fans deflated by scoring two clinical goals to give his side an unassailable lead â then compounded the disappointment by not falling over when through on goal, not getting sent off for dissent, and not grievously injuring a team-mate while arguing over a free-kick.

âÂÂWhat Balotelli did is unacceptable,â fumed spectator Lucas Chapman, 28. âÂÂI expected to see a figure of fun, a talented but ultimately risible court jester throwing his teamâÂÂs chances away with his moody, adolescent petulance.

âÂÂInstead, all we saw from Balotelli was relentless teamwork, steely determination, and a brace of lethal finishes. I didnâÂÂt spend good money to watch the coming of age of one of the gameâÂÂs most thrilling talents on the biggest stage imaginable. ItâÂÂs a disgrace.âÂÂ

Balotelli acknowledges Neuer with sickening maturity

Many fans are still clinging to the hope that BalotelliâÂÂs 20-yard rocket was a wildly miskicked fluke, and that his 36th-minute bullet header was actually an attempt to control the ball with his tongue. But most seem resigned to the fact that the Balotelli they knew and cherished is gone forever.

âÂÂNaturally, IâÂÂll be hoping that Spain goad him successfully in the final and that the monstrous, volatile manchild re-emerges,â Chapman added. âÂÂOtherwise IâÂÂll have to find my Balotelli entertainment from elsewhere, like if he falls over, or if he misses a penalty.

âÂÂI suppose I could conceivably just appreciate the sheer, breathtaking natural ability of one of the most gifted young strikers to emerge in the past 10 years,â he conceded.

âÂÂBut when youâÂÂre dealing with a guy who any minute might do something mental, like wear his pants over his shorts, or have a haircut, why get bogged down with boring details like how good he is at football?âÂÂ

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