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Brazilian club sack four players over masturbation scandal

A tape has emerged in Brazil of four players from the Passo Fundo-based club mutually masturbating in the club's dressing room. Three of the players were caught in the act, while another was filming what was taking place.

President Russo was shown the footage, and decided to terminate all four players' contracts almost immediately.

"When I hit play, I deleted it, I think it's disgusting," Russo told GloboEsporte.

"Outside business hours, we have nothing to do with the situation. If they want to get drunk, [be] gay or not, that’s their problem.

“What I have to answer as president is during a trip, office hours. That’s my responsibility. The club is not a keeper of morals and good manners. The only thing we have to answer to is the making of the video inside the club dressing room.

"If the video had been heterosexual in nature, the same decision would be taken."

Russo insisted that the reason for suspending the quartet was not just for their inappropriate actions, but to protect them from being ridiculed by the club's fans.

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