FIFA 22 review: This is the most realistic game yet – but with all the madness you'd expect from EA

FIFA 22 review
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This FIFA 22 review was carried out on PS4. FourFourTwo will be adding more content from FIFA 22 on PS5 and XBox Series X/S over the coming days.

FIFA 22 got off to a bad start for us. Lionel Messi put Paris Saint-Germain ahead from a goalmouth scramble but after a comical disaster, Chelsea equalised. Romelu Lukaku dispossessed Sergio Ramos, who was trying the new fake scoop turn trick. Ramos looked furious with himself.

Considering the news that defending is now more realistic in FIFA 22, Ramos's edge-of-box buffoonery is the first big surprise of this new version - but perhaps that's more FFT's lack of skill in the game. On the other hand, it was particularly difficult to carve open Thomas Tuchel's side: again, we're not sure if that's EA's design or our own ineptitude. Surely it can't be that hard to create chances as PSG? FFT endeavours to find out - and suddenly, three hours have passed. 

It really is that easy to get sucked into FIFA again. This time around, the big headline isn't a particular feature but the updated overall gameplay. GEN5 consoles have seen a big release since FIFA 21 and everything just feels that extra bit more realistic: the shirts, the hair, the expressions of exasperation from the players.

Well... not everything. Once the game's fully loaded for you, your created player meets up with David Beckham and Eric Cantona for a quick game on the streets of Paris, before Kylian Mbappe and Thierry Henry greet you at the Parc Des Princes. There are brand-new Volta games in packed, neon-lit stadiums, such a foot-tennis. Some of this game is utterly outlandish - and that includes Steve Bruce pegging it from the bench.

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But this is the world of FIFA. While all of these new tweaks and touches should really bring the game further from reality, they actually enhance the overall feel. This is a video game that doesn't reflect the real-world sport - it takes it and creates its own hyper-colourful version. 

FIFA 22 review: Create A Club

Look at the new Create A Club feature. What could feel like a really basic gimmick feels supercharged in FIFA 22: there are 80 designs of shirt to pick from alone, and not just rubbish ones that EA have thrown together, but real templates from Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Puma, Hummel, and New Balance. Wayne Rooney is available as an icon card in the game to play up front alongside Pele, too: and naturally, Wazza has got classic Nike Total 90 boots.

FIFA 22 What is Career Mode’s Create A Club feature?

It's the big features that pull you in and those little details we love. Both goalkeepers and the ball they dive for feel more real than they've ever been, while the explosive sprint is addictive. Yes, everyone is going to play as PSG when they get their copy - and yes, it's worth it just to be let loose with Mbappe and Hakimi. 

FIFA 22 review: FUT

There are bones of contention, of course. EA have removed 400-coin bronze packs from Ultimate Team, which makes the FUT market even more difficult to navigate. Ultimate Team hasn't got any easier to build a legendary team with, either - so you're going to have to keep up with SBCs and watching YouTubers for tips on how to get Maradona. And despite a petition to add the National League to FIFA 20 that amassed over 10,000 signatures, EA have just added Wrexham to the game. TikToks are imminent.

These aren't much more than minor grips, mind. FIFA 22 feels as if it's been completely remodelled with the biggest gameplay revamp for years - so we're not going to hold grudges. And boy does the gameplay update make a huge difference. It's hard to know how much more realistic football can become. 

Luckily, FFT will always be around to turn PSG into your average pub side, with our subpar handling of a world-class centre-back. Things can't be too realistic, after all. 

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