Ranked! The top 10 FUT icons in FIFA 22

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FIFA 22? Call us old-fashioned, but isn’t it cheaper to buy FIFA 2003 if you want to play as Zidane, Henry and Ronaldo?

We’re joking, of course. Thanks to the magic of Ultimate Team, EA have brought the greatest footballers of all time back onto the pitch in recent seasons to link up with the current crop of heroes. Seeing older stars reimagined is pure nostalgia and just one of the reasons we love this franchise so much.

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But we were wondering - who makes the top 10 of available players on the game? We’ve ranked these stars by their best card rating - if there was a tie we sorted it by the second and third card, too.

=10. Lev Yashin, Ronaldinho and Johan Cruyff

It’s a tie for 10th on our list. Lev Yashin, Ronaldinho and Johan Cruyff all have a 94 card, a 91 card and an 89 card. It’s pretty hard to compare The Black Spider to the other two, though.

In terms of whether you’re choosing between Cruyff and Ronaldinho, Cruyff probably edges it. Both have five-star skills, but Cruyff has a better weak foot, dribbling and shooting. Ronnie has the superior free-kick-taking ability.

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Really though, you ain’t gonna be turning down Ronaldinho just to get Cruyff, are you? Both are top tier in FUT. 

7. Paolo Maldini 

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Arguably the greatest defender all-time and one of the first pioneers of the home PC, Paolo Maldini is an undisputed beast on FIFA. easily the best defender from the FUT icons, his best card is an insane 94. Sheesh.

Maldini’s unbelievable longevity means that his other two cards aren’t exactly poor, either - He’s got a 92 and an 88. There’s a four-star weak foot in there and naturally, he’s at 96 for interceptions. Of course he is. 

The legend’s son, Daniel, is currently a 20-year-old on AC Milan’s books. He’s rated 59 on the game - a full 30 points fewer than his dad. Bet that makes for banter in the Maldini household.

6. Ferenc Puskas

While Real Madrid fans may well have been hoping for a new Galactico added to their squad this summer in the shape of Kylian Mbappe, they are at least getting a stunning new legend in FUT this season.

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Ferenc Puskas is the highest-rated new addition to FIFA 21’s icons. The Hungarian striker lit up the Bernabeu in the 50s and he’s been rightly lionised this season with 96-rated shooting, 91-rated pace and 92-rated dribbling. Kylian who?

5. Garrincha

One of the most iconic footballers of all time, Garrincha is probably the most surprising package on FUT, too. 

‘The Little Bird’ has a 94-rated card with five-star skill moves. Aside from strength and heading, he’s rated at 83 or above for pretty much everything you’d want from an attacker, including 96 for dribbling. 

He might not the most famous player on the game but Garrincha is a complete animal in any team. Plus, he has either a 94-rated, 92-rated or 90-rated card. 

4. Ronaldo

Way before Cristiano, proper Ronaldo was the player on FIFA. Pacey, prolific and super-cool, he’s been reimagined for the FUT era as everything you remember about him. 

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Seriously, a 96-rated card, a 94 and a 90? Obviously, his dribbling, shooting and pace is among the best in the game but he also comes with five-star samba skill moves and a five-star weak foot to boot. There’s no stopping anyone with R9 in their side. 

3. Zinedine Zidane

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Zinedine Zidane famously beat his one-time teammate Ronaldo to the 1998 World Cup title - and he’s only just beat him here again with a 96-rated card, 94 and 91.

Obviously, the legendary CAM comes with five-star skills and weak foot, his three exceptional cards coming from a distinguished career that lasted right up to a World Cup in which he was easily the best footballer at the tournament at the age of 34. His vision and passing traits are obviously flawless here, but it should also be mentioned that his long shots and volleying ability is also superb.

Warning though, Zizou might have a red line between himself and Gareth Bale if you try squeezing them into the same team. You know how frosty it is between those two. 

2. Diego Maradona

There’s always someone who makes a joke about deadly Diego’s handling stats, so let’s just get that one out of the way, shall we?

Five-star weak foot, five-star skill moves, 95-rated dribbling, 91-rated shooting and 88-rated pace. He’s one of the greatest footballers of all time for a reason and this version of Maradona is capable of wrecking through even the most well-drilled English defenders.

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An icon for the rebels, he could only possibly be second to one man… 

1. Pele

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The only footballer who has ever won three World Cups, Pele is unsurprisingly the best player in FUT’s icon series - has he been compiling his own stats?

96 for pace, 95 for dribbling and 93 for shooting is quite frankly ridiculous. He has, however, only got a four-star weak foot though. So not completely perfect for Pele.

Still, he’s by far the most complete attacker you can use in any version of the game. 

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