Football fan gift ideas: The 10 best boots to buy this Christmas

1. Nike Magista Obra II Anti-Clog traction, £290

Mud clogs your boots, but Nike’s innovative soleplate technology comes alive in the moisture to stop mud from gathering on the sole and studs.

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2. New Balance Furon 2.0 Pro FG blackout, £140

Apologies football fashionistas, but we don’t want you getting your white boots dirty. Slip into a little black number and dig in for the winter.

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3. Under Armour Spotlight Dreamchaser, £160

Grippy internal traction pads will stop your feet from slipping inside the boot and help you keep your balance in wintry conditions

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4. Adidas ACE 17.1 Primeknit, £200

An ultra-thin film on the upper keeps water and debris out, so you won’t be scraping mud off your boots at full-time

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5. Adidas Kaiser Five Cup boots, £80

Made of full-grain leather, this classic pair of Adidas boots are built to last, which is perfect for the winter months.

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6. PUMA Pro MX,  £210

Cheap? Definitely not – but the GripTex insole and heel tape eliminates slipping inside the boot, which you'll thank us for in the coming months.

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7. Mizuno Morelia Neo II Japan MD, £260

We can’t all pull off bright red boots – but if you can, these are the perfect pair for you. The leather is waterproof and stain resistant, so you’re covered for all conditions

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8. Umbro Velocita 3 Pro, £135

Umbro’s latest release has been built purely for speed. This super lightweight boot is perfect for changing direction in a flash.

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9. Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini Tongue, £140

We’re a sucker for tradition and you don’t get more original than this classy pair of plain black boots. Calf leather provides unrivalled comfort and conical studs will ensure you keep your feet on the ground when you start rattling them in.

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10. Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro, £90

Umbro have produced a remake of their famous Speciali boots, but with a modern twist. Resized studs have been tweaked specifically for greater traction on artificial surfaces, so you won’t slip while playing 5-a-side.

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