Football fan gift ideas: 11 weird and wonderful items for your wish list

Unsure what to get your football-mad loved ones this year? Joe Minihane has scanned the internet for this year's oddities so you don't have to

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1. Fanclaps, £7

Equipped with a special ‘palm pounder’ and promising ‘thunderous sound’, these fingerless gloves can be picked up from the Finnish FA’s official website. Some may say you can make sufficient racket with your actual hands, but there's no need to let common sense spoil the fun at this time of the year. Besides, the dull thud of woolly gloves is hardly likely to gee your team up when they’re two goals down on a Baltic January afternoon.

Buy them here.

2. New York City Bluetooth speaker, £48

The combined power of Lampard, Pirlo and Villa might have been outdone by Bradley Wright-Phillips’ mighty Red Bulls in 2016, but NYCFC are still the coolest team in MLS.

And what better way to get behind Manchester City's sister side than with this Bluetooth speaker? What to play? LCD Soundsystem’s New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down is surely apt after their 5-0 play-off battering.

Buy it here.

3. Official England screwdrivers, £7.49

Tinkering with the England team isn’t a job for the feint-hearted. Fortunately, these official screwdrivers merely require you to fiddle with flatpack furniture and odd jobs around the house, rather than solving the conundrum of where exactly Wayne Rooney can be shoehorned in next. Sure to be more entertaining than another World Cup qualifier.

Buy them here.

4. Spurs 5m tape measure, £10

Clearly taking inspiration from England ahead of their season-long Wembley jaunt, Tottenham have brought out their own handy addition to the toolbox: a five-metre tape measure. Perfect for measuring out 10 yards during a kickabout down the park, or Dele Alli's distance from the defender who supposedly brought him down in the penalty box.

Buy it here.

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