Football Manager 2024 cheats: How to get ahead of the game in FM24

 Football Manager 2024 cheats: How to get ahead of the game in FM24 Football Manager 2024 cheats: How to get ahead of the game in FM24
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Football Manager 2024 cheats? some say it's sacrilege. What is this: Calciopoli?

To others, there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little bit of help in the game – especially if you're imitating life by doing something realistic. No cash to spend when you know that your team does have money? Losing a game because you left your back-up goalkeeper in? Surely there's a way to fix that…

Well, there are ways. But don't say it was us that told you. 

5 Football Manager 2024 cheats

1. The in-game editor

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First off the bat, this method can't be too shady… since FM themselves allow it.

The in-game editor allows you to change pretty much anything about the game. Want to move Erling Haaland to Bristol City for no good reason? It's done. Want to move Tottenham out of their nice new stadium and into a new one called "Local Park"? Say no more. 

It's the quickest way to do whatever you want whenever you want in the game. Including adding 17th Century illnesses, like this Twitter user did in 2017.

2. Attribute masking

Scouting is a right pain in the backside, sometimes. By the time you've heard back as to whether that young French striker is any good, Barcelona have already gone and signed him as back-up to Lewandowski.

It doesn't have to be that way, however. When you start a new save, uncheck the Attribute Masking box. This will display exactly how good every player is rather than leaving it a mystery until after a scouting session.

3. Mr Phillip Anthropist

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You can add a new manager to FM24. But that doesn't mean you have to use that power for good…

If you'd like to give your club a little cash injection while flogging a few of your fringe players, simply add a new manager and give them a job of a team who have a big budget (check all budgets here). Just flick between the two bosses, bidding for your own players and accepting your own bid. 

Plus, it's fun to test out just how far you can push things with a manager that you don't mind getting sacked. In one FM24 meeting, FFT kicked over a chair twice while talking to the squad. Luckily, once your deadwood is safely sold, you can go to the home menu and retire from the game. 

4. A good old-fashioned rage quit

We've all done it. Even Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson admitted he's done it on a Quickly Kevin podcast. If things aren't going your way, quit midway through a match and start it again. Sometimes, it's the only way. Don't worry: no one's watching. 

Beware, though: AI managers are much better as of FM23 and this one is getting harder to do. Now to think of some new ways to cheat…

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