Set pieces in Football Manager 2024 are the best ever: thanks to ‘unrivalled access’ to top coaches

Set pieces in Football Manager 2024 are the best ever: thanks to ‘unrivalled access’ to top coaches
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Football Manager 2024 sees an overhaul of set pieces, inspired by real-life coaches at the top of the game.

That's according to studio director of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson, who has told FourFourTwo that the team behind FM have consulted some of the most influential thinkers in football in order to deliver realism this time around.

When FFT reviewed FM23, set pieces were the only small criticism that we made – so to see them in the game is exciting…


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"We have spoken to managers and set-piece coaches about it: we have unrivalled access in the football world but annoyingly there was one set-piece coach that I was really looking forward to speaking to and I couldn’t do the day that they could," Jacobson tells us. "I had to just watch a video of that!"

"We’ve learned a lot about how set pieces are set up. It’s validated a lot of our own ideas, changed some of our ideas and what we’ve done with set-pieces this year is good but it’s very much a ‘Part One’ of where we want to get. And I’m not saying we’re gonna get there with FM25 because there’s a lot of other things we’re doing, as we’ve announced.

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold places the ball on the corner during the UEFA Champions League Semi Final Leg One match between Liverpool and Villarreal at Anfield on April 27, 2022 in Liverpool, England.

Set pieces are more realistic in FM24 than ever before (Image credit: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

"But it was an area of the game where we had some really big ideas of things that we wanted to do. We just didn’t have time for it in previous years: so we’ve done some of what we want to do this year – and there will be a lot more in the future when certain other technologies are available. 

"It’s just so much better in FM24 than it’s ever been in any of the FM games so far. It just illustrates that we’re never done: nothing’s ever completed."

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