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Good Day, Bad Day - Round 6

Good Day

Real Madrid

Shameful, disgraceful, shocking and appalling. La Liga Loca obviously isnâÂÂt talking about the six goals scored in Real MadridâÂÂs win at the Bernabeu, rather the one from open play conceded - the first managed by Deportivo in seven league games.

How far standards are slipping under José Mourinho...

Cristiano Ronaldo

It was really easy to see how, if you were RonaldoâÂÂs Real Madrid team-mate, you would want to pop one onto his stupid, shiny face during a match but then give him a bit of a hug and a squeeze later.

It was Ronaldo who lead the way in a six goal sizzler for his side with an early nerve-settling opener but then continued to annoy the heck out of his team-mates with his constant complaints and Portuguese pouting.

A clear case in point was the first half moment when Gonzalo Higuaín chased down a Deportivo defender to force an imprecise pass, which then fell to Ronaldo who proceeded to fail to find Higuaín in return - an action that caused CR7 to flap his arms and squawk like a particularly crabby crow.

But then the frowning forward scores a corker with a solo effort for Real MadridâÂÂs sixth of the night and RonaldoâÂÂs third of the season - or fourth if you are compiling MarcaâÂÂs official totals.

Although Marca and AS are stumbling along in their normal bi-polar ways with the âÂÂAll is lost! No, all is won! All is lost! No, all is won!â headlines from week-to-week, the goalless draw away at Levante did not mean that Madrid were particularly bad.

But, in the same way, a 6-1 tonking against a truly dispirited, god-awful Deportivo does not signify that all is tickety-boo at Castle Greyskull, either.


A disappointingly dull game against a lethargic Athletic for Valencia but a 2-1 win nonetheless for Unai Emery, who is now embracing the international break like Maniche hugging a hot-dog stand.

Nevertheless there was at least a couple of moments of excitement in the encounter with two goals in injury time - both missed by LLL of course, after it had given up on the game to take the rubbish out.

Nilmar and Rossi

A 70s disco act from Greece and a formidable striking partnership to boot, having banged in nine league goals between them. The first of which was a pure 'no I in team' effort with both forwards bundling the ball up the field before Nilmar finished the move by poking home RossiâÂÂs blocked effort.

Gregorio Manzano

See, LLL does know what itâÂÂs talking about on the (very) odd occasion. It has been droning on for a good two years now that all Sevilla needed was a proper, experienced coach from outside the club and what happens when that finally takes place?

Gregorio Manzano gets an away win against Borussia Dortmund in his first game in charge and a sprightly 3-1 victory over Atlético Madrid on Sunday, thatâÂÂs what.


Even more fun to catch at the Coliseum now that LLL has discovered the 20 minute fast train to El Cazar from Sol and the 8 minute trot to the stadium. Thrown in with the notion that the blog rarely has any idea what Getafe are going to do in any given game, and itâÂÂs always a treat to catch MíchelâÂÂs men.

Eleven days ago, Getafe lost 2-0 at home to Málaga. On Sunday, it was a 3-0 victory against Hércules. And the blog bets that the manager is just as baffled as the blog as to the reasons for either result.

Michael Laudrup

Not just a purty face with purty eyes. Two points taken off Real Madrid and Barcelona already this season by the Mallorca manager.


A change in goalkeeper from Gustavo Munúa to Manuel Reina and a defense moved from the half-way line back to its own box has brought about five points in the last three games for Levante to place them just outside of the relegation zone. The most recent came in 1-1 draw away Osasuna with Sergio managing to score with one of just two shots on target all day for the visitors.

Bad Day


Now LLL must confess that getting from the Coliseum to Castle Greyskull meant that it was only able to catch the last 20 minutes of BarçaâÂÂs Camp Nou battle. And that was interrupted a tad by the very excitable AS-master, Tomás Roncero, pointing at the monitor like a toddler watching TV for the first time, as Barça missed their second-half chances.

But from what the blog can glean, it was the familiar story of Barcelona deserving a victory but failing to get one through an excess of fannying about (stand up, Dani Alves) and poor finishing.

On another note, the introduction of Nolito for his debut for Barça has got the blog aâÂÂthinkinâ whether la Masia is only capable of producing flimsy, tricksy, MummyâÂÂs Boys for forwards when considering the recent batch of Bojan, Pedro, the dos Santos brothers and Jeffren. More pie needed urgently in the acclaimed cradle of the Catalan club.


The blog almost, almost felt sorry for Deportivo when the comedy own goal for José Zé Castro went in for Real MadridâÂÂs fifth. But then the blog came to its senses and chuckled along with everyone else.

José Aurelio Gay

At time of writing, it looks like the manager of second-from-bottom Zaragoza is to be joining the enormous ranks of the unemployed.

Quique Sánchez Flores

The more that the Atlético Madrid mumbles, sighs and groans the more unhappy he is. So by the end of the 3-1 defeat to Sevilla, in a run that sees just one win in six for Atleti, Quique was quite incomprehensible.


A very disappointing, half-arsed performance against Getafe from a side that LLL was really looking forward to seeing. Not fair. Not fair at all.


Leaky, leaky. A two goal lead thrown away against Zaragoza on Saturday was the second time that Manolo PreciadoâÂÂs men have been so careless this season.


The Málaga man was sent off last Monday after VillarrealâÂÂs Carlos Marchena flung himself to the floor after a light brushing of the face from the winger. Eliseu was the red card victim of another act of amateur dramatics when tussling for the ball with Juan Ortiz in a 1-1 draw at Almería.


Oh dear. A bad day at at the footballing office for Espanyol. Holding their own, as it were, against Espanyol and Juan Forlín contrived to Taekwondo the ball back into his own net with just five minutes left after a free-kick for Real Sociedad came back off the bar. WhatâÂÂs worse, Ernesto Galán is set to be out for four months having broken his leg in a tackle.