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How we chose FourFourTwo's Best 100 Players in the World 2015

We argued for hours, and we mean hours, to whittle down the thousands of footballers around the world into the 100 best.

The list was adjudged on each player's form in the last calendar year December 1 to December 1, with a nod to their class and how they have performed over previous seasons.

To finalise this list, it took:

  • Four long meetings of hours on end
  • Some 137 swapped emails
  • Approximately 221 cups of coffee as we presided over the placings
  • One fist fight
  • And almost three lost friendships

If we're honest, it's easier to pick out the very best players to make up the top 20-30. However, the lower echelons of our list became a battleground for statistics, scout reports and hard-nosed opinion.

We consulted with all of our knowledgable writers from around the world to help us decide, from MLS experts to European football obsessives to seasoned football experts based in South America.

Disagree with our decision-making? Of course you do! Feel free to get in touch with us on social media using the hashtag #FFT100 on Twitter (@FourFourTwo), or on our Facebook page.

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