Negrete (Mexico v Bulgaria, 1986)

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"In 1986, the World Cup was at home in Mexico and there were great expectations. We had made it through the group but people were hoping to see a little more from our team, especially with players like Hugo Sanchez, who ended up being 'Pentapichichi' [five-times top scorer in Spain] with Atletico and Real Madrid. We wanted to give the home crowd a great moment.

I scored a goal in the Mexican league where I brought the ball down, lifted it over a defender and, with my back to goal, got it into the corner [with a bicycle kick]. That one might have been better, but a World Cup goal is another story because the world is watching.

I wanted to work a one-two at the edge of the penalty area. The ball was, fortunately, a bit high: if it had been a good return pass, I don't think I'd have scored! I kept my eye on the ball and saw that the keeper couldn't get to it.

The first thing I thought about was the emotional importance of the goal. To see that when you fall to the ground 115,000 people rise to their feet is overwhelming. You won't live that again in your whole life. You don't trade that moment for anything.

In the celebration, I felt something pull my head back. It was Javier [Aguirre] pulling on my hair, telling me he deserved credit for the goal for giving me a bad pass!

As time passes, I see the transcendence of that goal. So many years later, I see it again and again on TV. It's great to be part of the sport's history."

[And here is his goal in the Mexican league, which Negrete thinks was even better...]

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