The next Gignac? Five European names we'd love to see in Mexico

Let's dream a little dream ... about the best, yet still somewhat possible, captures for Liga MX.

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Giacomo Morini/Zuma Press/PA Images
Giacomo Morini/Zuma Press/PA Images

Who will be the next Andre-Pierre Gignac?

It’s a question that continues to arise for Liga MX fans who have become enamored with the French striker. Since his historic signing with Tigres in June of 2015, Gignac has taken Mexico by storm with two league titles and one CONCACAF Champions League title.

In a very short amount of time, the 31-year-old has already become a well-respected and beloved legend in Liga MX. No matter the cost of the investment, Tigres’ decision to bring in Gignac has clearly been beneficial for all involved.

So, as mentioned beforehand, who’s next? Although it will be difficult for any name to recreate the kind of impact the French superstar has made, we’ve made a list of five other European players – five  choices, to a certain extent -- who we would love to see in Liga MX:

Cristian Tello, 25, Winger -- Fiorentina (Serie A)

Tello is the exact kind of player that would thrive in Mexico. It’s easy to imagine the speedy and technical dribbler running down the wings for one of Liga MX’s top clubs. Even in a stacked and talented team like Tigres, the Spaniard would be capable of stealing the spotlight.

Unfortunately for those who are wondering if Tello will be moving to Mexico after rumors of joining Tigres, his agent quickly shut them down earlier this month. Fiorentina still has the potential to keep the player on loan, and if that falls through, Tello has another year left on his contract with Barcelona.

You can’t help but dream of the goal or assist tally the explosive winger would post during what could be a seamless transition to Liga MX, but with Tello soon be turning 26, a trip to Mexico might not be out of the question.

That said, Liga MX clubs will likely continue to eye the player, who might be out of a contract in 12 months.

Sebastian Giovinco, 30, Striker -- Toronto FC (MLS)

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

While he is no longer playing in Europe, there’s no denying the incredible qualities of Toronto FC’s best attacker.

Like Tello, the striker would have no problems excelling in Mexico. Giovinco is fast, brilliant with his ball control and deadly with free kicks. The Italian would also be able to win over countless Mexican fans with his flashy passing and dribbling.

Although it might be a risk to leave MLS, it could also be tempting for the former Juventus player, who is now aware of the higher level of play south of the border. Depending on which team he would move to, a CONCACAF Champions League title might also be within reach.

Also, now that Giovinco is in his 30s, it might be beneficial for Toronto to consider letting him go. With an immense amount of talent at hand, Liga MX clubs would likely pay top dollar for the “Atomic Ant.”

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