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Quiz! Can you name this Super Sunday's derby starting XIs from 2008/09?

Adebayor RVP

Oh yes, this Premier League weekend is almost as big as the cow that’s become a viral sensation this week.

By giant coincidence, the fixture computer has once again thrown up a Sunday feast for Sky Sports to serve up, kicking off with Claudio Ranieri’s nicey-nice return to Stamford Bridge at 12pm.

The first North London derby without Arsene Wenger for 184 years is up next, followed by Liverpool against Everton at Anfield, where blue and red will mix so readily that you’ll think you’ve been transported back to an episode of Dream Team. Hopefully Alisson won’t take his entire team hostage before being skilled by a SWAT team, at least.

For today’s quiz, we’re after the starting line-ups from these three corresponding fixtures a decade on (scores: Chelsea 3-1 Fulham, Arsenal 4-4 Tottenham, Liverpool 1-1 Everton), and giving you 15 minutes to name as many players from them as you can.  

When you’ve had a crack, tell us how you fared @FourFourTwo and you could make it onto our daily Twitter leaderboard. With 66 names to get, many of whom will have you tearing out your hair out in nostalgia-inspired angst, we’re expecting a wide range of scores. Good luck!

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