Ranked! Every kit at Euro 2016: which gets your vote?

Huw Davies gets square-eyed in the name of football fashion…

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48. Russia, home

Adidas have made some cracking kits for Euro 2016, and we’ll be waxing lyrical about them later, but Russia’s home top isn’t a patch on their swish away number. The crest imprint belongs on the wallpaper of a film noir brothel.

47 & 46. Iceland, home and away

Nobody is more excited than FFT to watch Iceland take on nations 20 times their size, but we wish they wouldn’t do it wearing shirts with weird collars made worse by Comic Sans-like lettering on the inside.

45. Portugal, away

We’d love to know what Cristiano Ronaldo thinks of this hue. It somewhat undermines the breastplate’s intended intimidating effect.

44. Romania, home

“Carl! Romania called – they need a new strip in time for tomorrow’s launch. I’ve just about got the collar sorted, although it’s a bit tight; do we have any material left for the rest of it? What do you mean, ‘just yellow’? How much yellow?”

43. Romania, away

“Oh, now you find another colour. All right, this’ll have to do. Let’s just hope they don’t face Ukraine or Sweden. No, Carl, for the last time: Brazil won’t be at the European Championship...”

42. Sweden, away

We applaud the intent to do something different, but this looks like a training top – albeit a durable one. You’d take it to the gym, anyway.

41. Germany, away

Speaking of training tops, this literally is one. Germany’s reversible away shirt, worn against England, doubles as a practice bib. Full marks for innovation; fewer marks for colouration.

40. Italy, home

A classical style suits the Azzurri, but there’s something not quite right about the pinstripes, restricting collar and wavy midriff pattern. Wait until you see the away kit, though – it’s bellissimo.

39 & 38. Albania, home and away

It isn’t easy to design a minimalist two-headed eagle to be fair, but these panels looks less like Albania’s emblem and more like the Millennium Bug. The home (red), away (white) and third (black) strips are near-identical in design, down to the unusual “Korean collar”.

37. France, home

We’re big fans of Nike’s cross-brand matching of shirt and short colours (e.g. England), but France belong in a top-to-bottom Tricolor, dammit. Still, it’s a nice shade of blue, paler than previous jerseys.

36. Ukraine, away

Tartan was born beside the Black Sea – who knew?

35. Czech Republic, home

We’re torn on this kit (probably because it’s so tight). The shading is nice, as is the central positioning of the crest, but the overall feel is that of a base layer rather than a football shirt. And why are those chevrons pointing so suggestively south?

34. Poland, away

This change strip is slick and tidy, not unlike the team. However, it’s perhaps in need of white shorts to offset the strong colour and assert Poland’s identity.

33. Ukraine, home

Eye-catching cross-hatching suits Ukraine’s regular uniform better than their blue away top, though we’re not sold on buttons adorning a football kit. And if you disagree, Crimea river. Eh? Eh? Oh, never mind.

32. Republic of Ireland, away

The FAI and Umbro released a new change strip at the behest of supporters, and they seem happier with this refined if routine effort than the "charcoal, white and green gecko" hues of the previous away shirt.

31. Slovakia, home

Sharing the midriff wave and thick hoops of Puma stablemates Italy and Switzerland respectively, with a swooping collar to boot, this feels a little unfocused.

48-31 • 30-2120-1110-1