Real Madrid rouser kicked into touch

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There’s just no pleasing some people sometimes... and that includes La Liga Loca.
Ramón Calderón has done the sensible thing and sacked freak-show Bernabéu PA announcer Arturo Sisó, the man that La Liga Loca really, really hates; the man La Liga Loca hammered right here not so long ago.
But is La Liga Loca happy? Well, no, not exactly. Because, in fact, La Liga Loca is feeling a weensy bit sorry for Sisó and his simpleton’s grin this morning.
He’s still an irritating tit who was massively overpaid for being an irritating tit, who should be flogged naked through the streets and have his voice box removed with a rusty knife.

He’s responsible for a catalogue of hideous crimes, like that Raúl... Spain’s No. 7 stuff (aye, right-ho) and the endless bloody cheese-fest from his jukebox.

Bernabeu no longer the setting for Sisó histrionics

But he’s not responsible for Real Madrid crashing out of the Champions League last year; without him, they would not have been holding aloft their 10th European Cup.

And it would be hugely unfair to say that he is. In fact, only a mentalist would say he is.
So, take it away Tomás:         
“Sisó cost us our place in Europe,” claims Mr Roncero, neatly ignoring Pepe’s sending off, injuries and suspensions, and the fact that at that stage of the season Madrid were just a bit rubbish, or even that it’s been four years now since they got through a single knockout round of the Champions League.
“On the night we played Roma the fans were chewing gum waiting for the two teams to come out. There was a Champions League atmosphere. It used to be that the Bernabéu won these games just with the intimidating roar when their heroes came out.

But just at that moment, Sisó took the mic. and interrupted the mysticism with this ridiculous harangue: ‘Good evening, and welcome to the Bernabéu. We are a team!’ Fans were stunned into silence. Sisó had silenced the stadium and allowed Roma’s tifosi to take control.”