Spain in consensus over Barça brilliance

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There were only two people in Rome who weren't completely sucked in by the enthralling action of the 2009 Champions League final.

The first was the very desperate housewife, Eva Longoria, who was caught flicking through a magazine during the second-half with the same look of disdain and despair as Maniche faced with a Caesar salad.

The other was the lead commentator for Spanish TV channel Antena 3, who spent much of the match apologising for the pesky encounter getting in the way of their broadcasting of crap cop show Los Hombres de Paco.

Indeed, as soon as the final whistle went on what was a fairly historic night for a certain Catalan club, the channel blocked the screen with a plug for the programme and went off for advertisements for a good 45 minutes. That’s how it felt, anyway.

NEWS: Brilliant Barça crowned kings in Rome

Fortunately for Antena 3, the ending of this season’s fantastic footballing finale means that the station can return to its normal, low-budget, wobbly-set, grubby little ways.

While La Liga Loca was all with the ire after yet another testing time in front of the television, nothing - bar the Spanish government renaming Catalunya ‘Raúllandia’ - can bring the Catalan press down from their cuckoo-land cloud on Thursday morning.

“Emperors of Europe!” yells the Mundo Deportivo headline, with the paper reporting that some 100,000 celebrating supporters turned up in the city-centre before the inevitable attacks on the local plod and the 134 arrests.

"Celebrate good times, come on!"

La Liga Loca has no idea what the paper’s website says, as the sheer volume of whizzing and popping from its numerous epilepsy-inducing logos and banners caused the blog’s struggling browser to crash repeatedly.

Sport's front page says “The best in the world!” in Catalan. At least that’s what La Liga Loca thinks it says. It’s either that or “The flour of your mother!”

“Barcelona is the best team in the world and only the Champions League was missing for this fact to be beyond discussion,” writes a hyperventilating Josep Maria Casanovas in a giant-sized gushing tribute to Pep’s Dream Boys.

Over in Madrid, Marca and AS are just as full of goodwill to all Catalan men - but ruing the fact that while Barcelona were celebrating the greatest day in the club’s history, the police were camped out at Castle Greyskull investigating corruption allegations.

“Barcelona’s football had no antidote,” writes AS editor Alfredo Relaño. “The Treble, exquisite football, local players, Guardiola... perfection.”

Pep reaches for the stars

Marca’s headline declares the current Barcelona team to be “a work of art” and praises the first ever Spanish side to win the trio of titles in one season.

“There can be no doubts,” opines the paper’s editorial. “Barcelona are the best team in the world.”

Bernd Schuster had been let loose on Manchester United’s tactical deficiencies during the game, with the former Madrid manager telling Sir Alex Ferguson that “you can’t play that away against Barça, so far back, with such fear, just waiting for them to come.”

After the game, a truly stunned Pep Guardiola joked that he would be “Leaving the club straight away. I can’t do anything to top this.”

In fact, that’s not entirely true. Next year’s Champions League final is being played at the Bernabeu - a final that Barcelona already have every chance of winning.

Now that would be a sight to see.

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